Suicide Prevention !

About Suicide

Suicide is a public health issue that impacts individuals from a variety of backgrounds and of all ages. Every year hundreds of thousands of suicide attempts made by friends or loved ones. While these numbers are staggering, suicide is preventable and anyone can help by readying themselves with some knowledge on facts, risk factors, warning signs, and what to do if you or someone you love is in a crisis situation. Please keep in mind that the information on these pages in no way substitutes for seeking professional help or advice from your doctor. With this information we simply intend to introduce you to helpful information on suicide prevention.

Suicide Warning Signs

Some factors do exist that may put people at a higher risk for suicide. The presence of a single risk factor doesn't necessarily mean that a person is at high risk of suicide, but a number of risk factors together should signal concern. In addition, the presence of depression or bipolar disorder, hopelessness, and/or substance abuse, in combination with other risk factors, increases an individual’s risk of suicide significantly.

Risk Factors

While the presence of multiple risk factors can put someone at a higher risk for suicide, the presence of multiple protective factors can help reduce risk of suicidal behavior. The more protective qualities a person has, the lower their risk for suicide.